About Intercept Energy Services Inc.

Intercept Energy Services Inc. employs innovative and proprietary technology to provide the highest efficiency heated water used by oil and gas exploration and production companies; in the fracturing process in Canada and the United States.  Through the utilization of HE Heaters(TM), IES is able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, enhances safety and productivity, enable extreme cold weather operations with significantly lower operating costs that result in a direct competitive advantage for its customers.




Intercept’s new heating technology called the BIG HEAT, is a patent pending propane powered Frac Water Heating System that provides a safer, and more efficient heating method than the traditional methods used today by the oil & gas companies and their fracking operations.

The technology virtually eliminates any possibility of on-site injuries or accidents that have occurred with traditional water heating methods. All of the units have numerous safety shutoffs and little to no radiant heat emanating from the burner that is located in a encased chamber.

Intercept’s BIG HEAT burns cleanly, completely and efficiently making BIG HEAT the most cost effective, safest and environmentally friendly Frac Water Heating System available today.

Intercept Energy Services Inc. has the exclusive use of and rights to operate the water heating units in Canada and further in certain areas in the USA as may be agreed upon by Intercept Energy Services Inc. and the owners of the technology.

“Tapping into” a growing $750 Billion dollar oil and gas services industry , THE BIG HEAT Frac Water Heating System along with the company’s business plan to deploy additional BIG HEAT units, throughout Canada & USA is the fastest route to generating new income and growth, and adding value to the company.

For our customers this results in improved safety, work efficiency, decreased service costs and a safer and healthier environment for everyone.