Water Heating Units


Big Heat

  • A superheater water heating system that was first and foremost safe. Safe to operate, safe to the well site infrastructure, and safe to the environment.
  • Our superheater system uses a proprietary method of heating water that has no exposed flame of any sort. On our unit there is no place that an individual can place their hand and be burned and there is no insulation whatsoever.
  • The exhaust gas leaving our system is virtually the same temperature as the heated outlet water.
  • Our superheaters not only burn the fuel cleanly and completely, but transfer almost all of that heat to the water making our system the safest and most environmentally friendly heating unit available.
  • What does it matter how many BTUs a heating unit claims if more than half of the heat goes out the stack?
  • BIG HEAT, with its numerous and redundant state-of-the-art safety shutdowns and controls make your work place safer.
  • And when the job is completed, we leave no footprint behind – no ice, no emissions on your site.

Big Heat superheater technology outperforms other gas and diesel fired technologies by transferring virtually all of the input heat to the water. This saves you time and money.

Up to 40° c Temp. rise at a volume of 2m3/min Truck-working3

Nearly 100% Efficient, generates almost zero radiant heat!

23 MMBTU output

Out performs larger Super Heaters due to proprietary technology and efficiency

3000 gal LP tank .

12+ hour supply at full burn


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