Intercept Energy Services is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in, or impacted by, our operations while at the same time protecting the environment in which we work and conduct our activities.

Our Health & Safety program affects every decision we make and our staff are constantly undergoing new and improved training. We use state-of-the-art equipment with the latest safety and environmentally sound features. We monitor the performance of all equipment through our maintenance program, which ensures an efficient and safe working environment.

Intercept Energy Services meets or exceeds provincial and federal legislation for both occupational health & safety and environmental standards. We are proud that our staff is dedicated to safety and that our incident rates are well below industry standards. We are registered with Pics, Achilles, ISNetworld, and HSE Network: Comply Network.



No hot spots!  No radiant heat!

No insulation needed! Virtually all of the heat is transferred to the water.

Enclosed flame.   Entire unit, including exhaust is only warm to the touch!

Possibility of igniting flammable vapors on a site by our unit is virtually eliminated!

State of the art shut-down and safety controls, with positive air shut off on all units.

How We Have Redesigned Frac Water Heating

Animation of old types of heating?

The exhaust gas leaving our system is virtually the same temperature as the temperature of the inlet water coming in to be heated, guaranteed.

This relationship between the temperature of the outlet water and the exhaust gas assures that the system is nearly 100% efficient. We not only burn the fuel cleanly and completely but deliver almost all of the heat to the water being heated making our system the safest and most environmentally friendly heating unit available.

What does it matter how many BTUs a heating unit claims if half of the heat goes out the stack?

1st.  Our proprietary patent pending new technology is nearly 100% efficient and generates almost 0 radiant heat,     less time=less cost

2nd.  We are one of the safest platforms in the industry to date with not hot spots.

3rd.  Our compact truck design will accommodate even the smallest lease arrangement.

4th.  We have incredible efficiencies with near zero emissions from the combustion.